Mission statement

To advance consumer knowledge, awareness about products, services, prices, market trends, their rights and responsibilities to enable them to make informed choices in a liberalizing economy.

Vision Statement

‘Without vision, the people perish’

Vision needed to be developed by leaders, not created by the masses. It is the role of leadership to make input, focus it and bring it to a coherent, powerful vision.

Vision of the leader must be shared with the team and the team must agree to support. When you have that vision and support, you have created a vision community. Agreement of directly improves decision-making significantly as every decision can be measured against the vision. The Vision community must act together to make the vision a reality.

Today consumers have garnered strength through consumerism, with the vision community of the NCL; consumers will therefore move forward into the new millennium with the vision of their rights and consumer protection.
This website is all about NCP (National Consumer Panel). Please read my detailed NCP review to find out more.